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“ Technology and the internet are here to stay, so the quality of the content needs to be more refined, and as that happens, hopefully there will be ways to determine what’s real and what’s fake news and improve the veracity. These are matters of life and death, not just opinion. ”

Dr. Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla
Chief of Medical Oncology and Medical Director of Research at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® in Philadelphia.


Factually Health is transforming the health landscape with AI and natural language search. 

With the deluge of information and the increasing amount of dis- and mis-information online,  search has become critical, particularly in health.  

Factually Health’s platform, with its health intelligence tools, allows users to ask specific scientific or common english questions and get in return contextual, relevant and factual answers.  

The impact of both the amount and the quality of  health information is important for businesses and their patients  


8 out of 10 people search the internet for online health information


Finding relevant health intelligence online is becoming more and more frustrating, time consuming and confusing…  and Health businesses have to cope with that every day.

To survive and thrive in competitive markets, they need to be

  • efficient in their R&D in order to gain knowledge, to improve,  and to develop new products. 
  • patient centric and be able to answer questions from their customers in real time, write relevant content and empower their customer base by allowing them to find relevant and factual information on their own.


Lina Forcier, CEO    –   PhD Epidemiologist-Health
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Lucas Nogueira, CTO  – computer Eng. & Master Innovation Mgmt
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Geneviève Poliquin, COO  –   MBA
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Leo Hartman, Lead Tech Advisor  –  PhD AI-Cognitive Computing
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Carlos Rodarte – Top US Health Influencer, strategic/expert advisor
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Steven G Arless  –  entrepreneur in the biomedical tech industry
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