We use AI to score the credibililty of health info on the Web.

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“ Technology and the internet are here to stay, so the quality of the content needs to be more refined, and as that happens, hopefully there will be ways to determine what’s real and what’s fake news and improve the veracity. These are matters of life and death, not just opinion. ”

Dr. Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla
Chief of Medical Oncology and Medical Director of Research at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® in Philadelphia.
Source: cancercenter.com

WHY Factually Health

We are building an AI-driven technology company to be the trusted destination for health information accuracy on the Web, the go-to platform for health credibility for businesses.

The IMPACT of health misinformation can be enormous.

For the Health System.  In the US, 8 out of 10 people search the Internet for health information. Yet the information returned can be false and even harmful. This puts a burden on 4 different groups (i) The people/patients trying to make important health choices (ii) The health care providers debunking what patients access online (iii) The health content providers producing or moderating factual and timely material (iv) The payers paying for the impact of misinformation

HOW Factually Health works

Using AI, we score the credibility of online health information, real time, and create innovative and valuable AI-driven health info tools.  We have started with an article checker and an info checker.   These checkers can be built  for different diseases or health issues, such as COVID-19,  mental health, cancer, women’s health, diabetes, and more. 

We make sense of the health information available online!

WHO we are

The founding team is diverse and combines years of experience and complimentary skills:

Lina Forcier, CEO

PhD Epidemiologist-Health
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Lucas Nogueira, CTO

Master Management Innovation, Big Data
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Geneviève Poliquin, COO

Master of Business Administration
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Leo Hartman, Lead Tech Advisor

PhD AI-Cognitive Computing
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