Introducing Next-Level
Health Knowledge
for Health Companies
and Organizations

We use Artificial Intelligence to separate health facts from fiction and navigate the deluge of health information.

With this AI, we build tools for health companies and organizations to share with their patients and empower them to automatically reach credible, up-to-date health knowledge.
Patients are engaged anytime, anywhere and on any device.

AI-driven Health Knowledge

Our tools make having factual and up-to-date health information
quick and easy for health companies and organizations and, very importantly,
effortless for their patients and customers!

In the process, we help health companies and organizations capture
big opportunities they are currently missing.

“Of all the knowledge, that most worth having is knowledge about health! The first requisite of a good life is to be a healthy person.”

Meet the Leadership Team and Advisors


Lina Forcier

PhD, Epidemiology

20 years leading projects & research


Pascal Soucy

MS Computer Science / ML

20 years in Enterprise AI (Coveo)


Geneviève Poliquin


15+ years in startups, enterprise


Leo Hartman

PhD, Computer Science-AI

20 years at Canadian Space Agency

Partnership Strategist

Ryan Smith

18 years in Health Industry

Tech Advisor

Lucas Nogueira

MS Management Innovation

10 years in big data, enterprise AI Compute Canada/McGill University

US Advisor

Carlos Rodarte

Top US Health Influencer

Former VP Innovation at Catalyst, 10+ years strategic advisor with startups.

Special advisors:

Steve Arless

Leading MedTech Serial Entrepreneur

Rita Baker

MBA-20 years expertise in SMB

Prof. Stan Matwin

Lifetime Achievement Award, Canadian AI Association

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